YOU USED TO TAKE ME DANCING a poem by Siobhan Harper-Nunes

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You used to take me dancing: 
Strutting through the bustling night club streets with a bounce in our stride and a swagger on our hips
Awash with the joy and anticipation of the beat
Together we owned that space and moved like an Amazonian queen – head high, tall, wide, proud, fierce.

Now we’re not so tall
I saw our shadow image as the sun silhouetted us on that wall as we walked beside the water at sunrise…
Shoulders a little rounder, stride a little shorter, tempo oh so much slower…
What happened to us?

You used to take me running: 
Remember how far we ran, the length of that stride, the wind in our ears with no one in front just the finish line?

You used to take me diving: 
Tall high straight arched as other gasped at our perfect symmetry.

You used to take me skiing: 
Remember the thrill of the mountain top, the swish of the blade in the powdered snow, the sound of our hearts pounding with fear and excitement, arousal, exhilaration at those jumps, gliding through the crisp, fresh, icy air?

You used to spend more time caressing me, observing me, admiring my vibrancy.
Painting my toes, massaging my arms and legs with delicious scented oils…

You used to treat me to such amorous gifts: 
Delicate perfumes, glorious textures, a cacophony of colours, frills and such…

Listen to ME!
Stop trying to shut me out with your excuses and placate me with tasteless, joyless, bland experiences

I want more!

I deserve more!

You say you love me more than ever before and I believe you honestly I do.
I know your “now” love is deep, sincere, unconditional and occasionally you reward my “goodness” with generous treats: 
Elegant, simple, monochrome and oh so slightly unadventurous gifts

But when you loved me less, when you were more insecure about my reciprocation
Always gazing at my reflection, searching for perfection…

I actually had more attention!

You used to take me dancing

It doesn’t have to be the tango, 
I can waltz, glide and flow…

You used to take me dancing
Take me dancing again.