Siobhan Harper-NunesDevelopment, The Simple Things

I recently ran one of my favourite workshops: “What Makes You Sparkle”.

30 women focusing on their Sparkle makes for a very sparkly room indeed.

As the women talked about their SPARKLE they smiled and they shone.

The more they talked and shared with others – sometimes complete strangers – the more luminous they became.

Soon the room was alight with the radiance of all that SPARKLE!!!

I love sparkly things, they make me smile.

My children bring out my sparkle especially when they are at play.

I sparkle when I’m working on my home, I sparkle when I write, I sparkle when I’m singing in the kitchen, I sparkle when I dance, I sparkle when I know I have done something I can be proud of, and I sparkle when I get into my lovely bed each night knowing that it was a very good day.

We so rarely reflect on our SPARKLE – our joy, our joie de vivre, our vivacity, our glow, our inner warmth – but it’s what makes us unique, it’s what makes us special, it’s what makes us alive.

The more we sparkle the more others around us sparkle too, it’s contagious, it’s who we were meant to be.

Life won’t sparkle unless we do – what makes you sparkle?