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I wrote this piece in 2005 and recently found it in a moment of clarity when thinking about the power of dreams combined with action.

Yes I made some really big changes the following year.

Yes I have been on that beach, yes I have been in that house, no it’s not yet mine BUT IT WILL BE!!!

I hope you like it…

“I dream of my house in the sunshine – the colours that I love reflected in the paintings on the clean white walls

I dream of the view of the sea and watching my grand-children build sandcastles on the beach as I write the next paragraph of my novel

I dream of my tanned and beautiful body as I tread barefoot across the room and consider my heavenly life – my creative inspiration – and I smile warmly to myself, how lucky I am to have all this – this life style, this glorious life

I work – oh yes I work – and I love every moment of what I do. I write, I run an organisation devoted to inspiring others to be the best they can be – we write we train we create and we inspire exhibitions and events

I have a beautiful home in England – Georgian with a study on the ground floor where I can walk into the garden for inspiration when it’s fine or relax by the fire under a cosy blanket in the dark winter days

My home is full of laughter – friendly and warm and every wall is covered with smiling photographs of my beautiful children at every age

My life is colour and light and I live it with passion and gusto

For the first time in my life I see the road that is leading me to my dreams

It is a road that has challenges along the way but I am not afraid

I am finally convinced that the life that I dream is not that far away from the place I now stand.

The road is just ahead

And this is my first step

(by S Harper-Nunes 2005)