This is OUR world

AdminBeing Green

We are killing our planet and destroying the habitat of the most miraculous creatures. I know most of us have things we do on a regular basis to slow down the process of destruction and what I want from you is ideas about the simple things we can all be doing more of.

As women we have so much purchasing power (70% or all purchasing decisions are made by women, Women’s Economy 2014).

We can take steps to ask shops to start using recyclable bags, or to reduce their unnecessary packaging.

In our gardens we can compost or simply use our grass-cuttings to revive old flower or vegetable beds.

Our focus starts with our home, recycling or bottles, clothes and paper; in our offices, using less paper and trying out more electronic options and in our community doing more to support more planting and to reduce the destruction of our green belts.

This is our world and those little things mean a lot!