Siobhan Harper-NunesBalance, Development, The Simple Things

Giving our creative mind expression, is as important as pounding away at our goals and targets.

Why? Because every human being needs time to think, to reflect, to simply be.

After all, we are HUMAN BEINGS not HUMAN DOINGS and if we let the balance slip, trust me, our productivity starts to drop.

BALANCE is often under-rated and yet it is a fundamental key to sustained success.

How many times have you found that amazing idea when swimming or walking in the park or whist singing in the shower?

How many times have you found those fantastic solutions when you’re snowed under with paperwork? When your to-do list looks like a shopping list for things to buy after the apocalypse?

I rest my point.

So what kinds of things cause us pressure?

  • Work overload
  • The phone ringing continuously
  • The demands of family or friends
  • Report deadlines – and this is a daily occurrence in my line of work
  • Cash-flow

And that’s just mine – what are yours?

But how can we meet all these demands when our emotional and energy tanks are empty?  How do we reinvigorate?  And if we spend all this time doing, where do we get the time to build and plan our dreams or more importantly simply recharge?

I believe the answer is in designated “Quality” time.  In creating the time and space where we allow our minds to wander….

Einstein used to build this “time-out” into his daily work schedule – he’d carve aside time where he would go for long walks and daydream – and some of his best ideas appeared during these periods.

Yes we have a left brain which is logical and ordered but we also have a right brain which is creative and which thrives on colour, dimension and imagination.

I do not believe one is superior to the other. I simply believe – and studies show – that we are our most productive, sane and powerful, where there is balance.

So how do we get a chance to be creative and do our best work?

  • We need to believe in the value of creative space
  • We need to carve out the time and space to be creative

Things that work for me include:

  • Spending quality time with my granddaughter – the fun stuff where you’re laughing or tickling her or blowing raspberries.
  • Gardening – I’m not much or a gardener but I love creating beauty indoors or out.
  • Creative Cooking (not the cooking that simply demands feeding a hungry horde but the one where I make stuff up and experiment and have fun)
  • Cleaning – yes I know you think I’m mad but I love to clean windows or make a room sparkle
  • Washing Up – you know when you’re at the sink and you watch the bubbles and you’re almost in a daydreaming trance?
  • Walking – not that purposeful walk but the amble where you see the flowers, the birds, the sky.
  • Pottering – mooching around my house clearing a draw or reorganising a cupboard.
  • Swimming – especially when I have the pool to myself and it’s cool and blue and delicious!

Taking creative “time out” is good for the soul and it’s actually great for productivity. Why else would some of the biggest companies on the planet have play rooms?

So bosses, next time you’re watching the clock or micro managing your team, remember to build some play-time into their day and the rest of us…

Go have some fun!