Reading The Signs


There were times in my life when I had all the money I wanted and did a job I loved but I was totally stressed out.

I was always too busy for my children, to spend an hour in the park, to eat properly, to get appropriate rest or to recharge my emotional tank.

I survived on a diet of red wine and cigarettes and never had time to spend in the lovely home I had created. I was out of balance, I was out of control.

Today I am working towards creating a business and a life that works for me, not against me.

I love my family, so I spend time at home, arrange family time and treats and we eat together at least once a week.

I have created schedule that enables flexibility so I can listen to my children if they need to talk.

I am creating business that works around my needs and enables my passions.

I take time out for the walk in the park, the garden, or the design of my new bathroom; I take time out to nurture my body and my dreams.

As every woman knows, it doesn’t take much to go off balance and I often do.

But I am much better to reading the signs.

Balance is what I strive for daily.