Siobhan Harper-NunesDevelopment

In November 2016 I won the West Midlands Woman of the Year, Outstanding Contribution to Leadership and whist I train others to understand their leadership potential, design programmes on leadership, manage a two teams and lead in so many ways, I’d rarely reflected on the style of leadership I adopt and more importantly, the style I want to develop and to be associated with.

Well now I have.

Leadership is something that academics, politicians and strategists have studied for thousands of years. We know we can improve our leadership potential. We know that each of us has our special traits that can be developed and honed.

Indeed, there are countless leadership styles such as:

  • Democratic – ask for opinions and go with the consensus
  • Authoritarian- tell people what to do and make sure they do what you tell them
  • Laissez-faire – get the best team possible and let them get on with it

And I must admit I love working with amazing people and so assuming I have a fantastically motivated and skilled team, I lean towards the laissez-faire and democratic styles, choosing to be authoritarian only when people are dragging their feet.

Good leaders have a clear and indestructible vision; they motivate and inspire others to be better. Ergo, a good leader has to be a tactician: they have to have a plan and a strategy for reaching their goals. They must be focused and determined, persuasive and decisive. But a good leader also has to be trustworthy and their values crystal clear, if others are to buy-into the dream.

Recently I was preparing a workshop for Birmingham City Councils Women in Leadership conference and it occurred to me that actually, what I want to develop is INSPIRATIONAL LEADERSHIP.

I want to use our global vision for Shakti Women to inspire others to be better, to achieve more, I want to enthuse and grow and appreciate the skills and ambitions of others, who are walking a similar path.

An Inspirational Leader will turn ideas into action, will spot, grow and nurture the talents of others; they will together create a better future.

For me and for the leaders in my tribe, it’s not enough to have an idea and live quietly building our business. Our mission is about change and it’s taken me a while to recognise that we didn’t build Shakti Women so that we could earn money – yes we have to grow our abundance and that of our leaders – but actually, we built this movement so that we could create a better world, where women have a powerful voice where our values of self respect and respect for others form the core and foundation of all our dreams.

Inspirational Leaders can and will change the world!

So it’s time for me to recognise and embrace my personal power, to embrace the power of the inspirational leaders I work with.

Ladies, we are Shakti Women and we are INSPIRATIONAL!