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Shakti Women is the best thing I ever did…(OK my family aside)…

For 10 years we have been serving women to grow themselves, their businesses and their careers.

In that time we have touched the lives of almost 1,000,000 million women with our motivational and inspirational messages and currently boast over 30,000 followers on our social media platforms.

We have helped over 500 businesses to launch, encouraged and supported new women’s groups, and through our consultancy arm, strengthened existing women’s groups who deliver vital services to women in the community.

We have launched Womanly Words and published over 50 new writers, we have taught Peer Mentoring and Leadership, encouraged women to be more active in their communities and started countless healthy eating and physical activity programmes.

We have collected robust data that underpins our activity through our Pink Paper and worked with LGB groups, youth groups, Trans groups and of course women’s groups.

We have encouraged girls to raise their confidence and aspirations and will be doing more through our schools project.

We have consulted for Just for Starters, Business Link, PRIME, Women’s Enterprise Centre and Birmingham City Council (to name but a few) on their business start up programmes for women.

We have promoted equality and diversity and changed women’s lives.

We have encouraged countless women to raise their aspirations and their visibility.

We have encouraged women and girls to cherish their dreams.

We are Shakti Women.

We have the POWER!

Happy Birthday Shakti Women…

I am so very proud to have dedicated the last 10 years to your mission and your purpose.

With Love Always.

Siobhan xxx