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Lollipop Leadership

The seeds of these words were born from a workshop I was asked to deliver on leadership for social entrepreneurs. I developed the theme further for my delivery of Inspirational Leadership for the women leaders of Birmingham. I’m just writing a new workshops for Little Leaders, so the theme of Lollipops will be well used.  So many people talk about … Read More


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Shakti Women is the best thing I ever did…(OK my family aside)… For 10 years we have been serving women to grow themselves, their businesses and their careers. In that time we have touched the lives of almost 1,000,000 million women with our motivational and inspirational messages and currently boast over 30,000 followers on our social media platforms. We have … Read More


Siobhan Harper-NunesBalance, Development, Relationships

We all joke about our friends, partners or kids who are “passive aggressive” but did you know that this behaviour is actually considered an egregious form of abuse? Whist it takes many forms, typically it can be described as behaviours which lead others doubting their own abilities, dreams, or skills. It is a set of behaviours which will lead you … Read More


Siobhan Harper-NunesDevelopment, Relationships

I will tell her to find her passion and to pursue it with gusto. This doesn’t always appear the day we set foot on this planet but there are clues from the day we start growing into our authentic selves or it will reveal itself to her slowly and surely, and when it does, to nurture it, cherish it and … Read More


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If I want a beautiful home, I spend time flicking through magazines, looking at colours, seeing how they work together, planning and budgeting for the stuff I want around me. If I want a beautiful garden, I take time to pluck out the weeds, I sweep the paths, and I stroll around garden centres and gaze at pictures I love. … Read More

Owning Our Power


Not so long ago I was silly enough to believe that our relationships are what make us whole. Certainly our relationships enable us to feel connected but others cannot make us whole – we have to do that for ourselves. The more we work on creating our own happiness, owning our power, enabling our dreams and developing our authentic values … Read More