Siobhan Harper-NunesDevelopment, Relationships

I will tell her to find her passion and to pursue it with gusto. This doesn’t always appear the day we set foot on this planet but there are clues from the day we start growing into our authentic selves or it will reveal itself to her slowly and surely, and when it does, to nurture it, cherish it and … Read More


Siobhan Harper-NunesDevelopment

In November 2016 I won the West Midlands Woman of the Year, Outstanding Contribution to Leadership and whist I train others to understand their leadership potential, design programmes on leadership, manage a two teams and lead in so many ways, I’d rarely reflected on the style of leadership I adopt and more importantly, the style I want to develop and … Read More


Siobhan Harper-NunesDevelopment, The Simple Things

For the past few days I have felt decidedly low. The New Year which I was so excited to herald in brought none of the thrills I was expecting. Instead I felt a profound sense of loneliness – an omen of despair. I locked myself away thinking surely this would pass but when on the third day I still felt … Read More

I Crave Knowledge! Do you?


I believe wholeheartedly in women taking control of their lives and up-skilling continuously. They say “if we are not growing we are dying” and by continually investing in refining our skills and our character and by continuously seeking knowledge and education, we are much more likely to achieve our dreams. Knowledge and tenacity are the cornerstone of every successful woman. … Read More