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I’m mixed race, attractive, educated, well spoken, ie the acceptable face of a strong black woman. And yet I’ve known arrests, beatings, being excluded, spat on, ingnored in certain circles, sexism from close family members, nasty name calling from supposed loved ones, I’ve denied opportunities because of my youth, colour,gender, denied opportunities to progress in my chosen career, and the … Read More


Siobhan Harper-NunesDevelopment

We’re approaching the end of our professional development season at Shakti Women, so I thought I’d share a piece I wrote years ago. I honestly believe, I would have moved more quickly up the corporate ladder if I had known then what I know now. Here are my 10 quick tips to Take You to the TOP. #MommaShouldatoldme 1.PLAY TO … Read More


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Lollipop Leadership

The seeds of these words were born from a workshop I was asked to deliver on leadership for social entrepreneurs. I developed the theme further for my delivery of Inspirational Leadership for the women leaders of Birmingham. I’m just writing a new workshops for Little Leaders, so the theme of Lollipops will be well used.  So many people talk about … Read More


Siobhan Harper-NunesDevelopment, The Simple Things

I recently ran one of my favourite workshops: “What Makes You Sparkle”. 30 women focusing on their Sparkle makes for a very sparkly room indeed. As the women talked about their SPARKLE they smiled and they shone. The more they talked and shared with others – sometimes complete strangers – the more luminous they became. Soon the room was alight … Read More


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Giving our creative mind expression is as important as pounding away at our goals and targets. Why? Because every human being needs time to think, to reflect, to simply be. After all, we are HUMAN BEINGS not HUMAN DOINGS and if we let the balance slip, trust me our productivity starts to drop. BALANCE is often under-rated and yet it … Read More


Siobhan Harper-NunesShe is my Story

I’ve been thinking recently about all the wonderful people in my life and also about the people who passed by for a second and yet managed to leave a powerful mark or to teach me a vital lesson. I plan to write about those people and the lessons I learned. Today I’m writing about Mary. She was the wife of … Read More

DIARY OF A CRAZY WOMAN: A journey to clean air…

Siobhan Harper-NunesBalance

Having taken a 3-month sabbatical and having reconnected with yoga, meditation and simple pleasures of reading, cooking, eating and hanging out with my family. And having just about cleaned and sorted every drawer, room, space in this enormous house, I decided to start February without alcohol. In the month that followed I have had a couple of beers and a … Read More


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Shakti Women is the best thing I ever did…(OK my family aside)… For 10 years we have been serving women to grow themselves, their businesses and their careers. In that time we have touched the lives of almost 1,000,000 million women with our motivational and inspirational messages and currently boast over 30,000 followers on our social media platforms. We have … Read More


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We all joke about our friends, partners or kids who are “passive aggressive” but did you know that this behaviour is actually considered an egregious form of abuse? Whist it takes many forms, typically it can be described as behaviours which lead others doubting their own abilities, dreams, or skills. It is a set of behaviours which will lead you … Read More