Isn’t it miraculous

AdminThe Simple Things

Isn’t it miraculous how sometimes the simplest things bring us the greatest pleasure? That unexpected “I love you Mom” from your manly 16 year old son; the smile of a baby as you pass her by on the street; the touch of cool fresh linen sheets after a hot bath and a busy day; the light on a window pane … Read More

Owning Our Power


Not so long ago I was silly enough to believe that our relationships are what make us whole. Certainly our relationships enable us to feel connected but others cannot make us whole – we have to do that for ourselves. The more we work on creating our own happiness, owning our power, enabling our dreams and developing our authentic values … Read More

I Crave Knowledge! Do you?


I believe wholeheartedly in women taking control of their lives and up-skilling continuously. They say “if we are not growing we are dying” and by continually investing in refining our skills and our character and by continuously seeking knowledge and education, we are much more likely to achieve our dreams. Knowledge and tenacity are the cornerstone of every successful woman. … Read More

This is OUR world

AdminBeing Green

We are killing our planet and destroying the habitat of the most miraculous creatures. I know most of us have things we do on a regular basis to slow down the process of destruction and what I want from you is ideas about the simple things we can all be doing more of. As women we have so much purchasing … Read More

Reading The Signs


There were times in my life when I had all the money I wanted and did a job I loved but I was totally stressed out. I was always too busy for my children, to spend an hour in the park, to eat properly, to get appropriate rest or to recharge my emotional tank. I survived on a diet of … Read More