Whatever success means to you, you have to have a clear visionAfter all, if we don’t know where we’re going, how on earth will we ever know of we’ve arrived? 

Having run 1000s of workshops on the topics here are some typical answers women give to the simple question – “What does success mean to you?“…

What I love about most of these answers is that if your version of success is to be happy, then do it! Happiness is a choice you make every single day and if that’s what you need to be successful then you work her e is done. The same applies to being authentic, just be you and hey presto, job done. To love and be loved, every woman knows by loving herself, by loving others, then love comes forth in abundance into her life – but don’t forget it starts with SELF love.

Having peace of mind – yes, my darlings it’s not a “get to” it’s a simple decision to have it NOW!

Grow your success muscles

– Think back to every little thing you have ever done and write a list

– Identify and write down each of your strengths and start to capitalise on the things you are brilliant at

– Exercise your success muscles by identifying 5 new accomplishments and getting them done, this will give you the confidence to take on larger and larger tasks


Think positive thoughts daily.

We have thousands of thoughts each second, many of those thoughts disempower us and leave us feeling inadequate. To really get what you want to you have purge your mind of the disempowering thoughts and replace them with powerful ones. This will make you feel amazing. Research shows that Positive Thinking:

  • Enables creativity
  • Releases energy
  • Promotes good health
  • Encourages action…

Now go on and take action today.

©Siobhan Harper-Nunes 2010