If you've ever read anything we have written before you would know that I believe wholeheartedly in choosing happiness. Happiness is not a destination it's a mode of travel.
People think:
“I’ll be happy when….”

But that’s a complete misunderstanding of happiness.
Wake each day as if the sun is shining and you have everything you want and your whole demeanour will change your experiences of the world.

But if you’re not convinced here are 10 great reasons to choose happiness:


We all know the story of Mr or Mrs Misery…

“Hello how are you? You enquire happily

“Well where do I start?”  They begin…..

“Yesterday the kitchen overflowed, then my canary died, then the sun stopped shining and then the toaster blew up and then….”

“OK well I hope things get better for you.” you say as you make a speedy retreat

How do you feel next time you see Mrs Misery approaching?

Yes, if you’re anything like me, you run a mile in the other direction…

Aside:  That’s not to say that some of us don’t thrive in the environment where everyone is worse off than us – this however  is an unhealthy state – we make our lives into a saga that encourages other sagas and we entrench ourselves in our own problems and the problems of others…. The problem with this way of thinking is that you never have time for your dreams.

  • How can you build a business if you spend 6 hours of every day gossiping or discussing others problems?
  • How can you change your life if you are on the phone “being there” for the world and his dog?

You can’t so if you have a propensity to be the Saint Theresa for Mrs Misery – I would suggest you stop now – Mrs Misery will find a zillion things to be miserable about with or without you playing the role of her muse…..


Happiness – and yes that positive attitude – encourages creativity especially if you give yourself permission to blue sky – to day dream – to imaging how things can be – this imagination is the cornerstone of every great idea the world.  Look at Einstein he was a perfect example of taking time out to walk to wander and to daydream – and look what he achieved….!


If you’ve been MRS Misery, change is not easy but it is necessary!

So let’s get on with a few simple steps to help you CHOOSE happiness Now!

Visualise getting out of bed each day as if the sun is shining brightly through your windows and you are the most happy human being alive. Think how amazing it is to be alive and how wonderful your day is going to be. Smile had and let your body race with excitement of being happy – now squeeze your thumb and forefinger and capture that feeling.


Practice this 10 times a day for 30 days but start each day this way and you will see a remarkable change in your life.

Being happy is a choice – it’s a choice that enables so many other positive things:

And so many more but more than all that when you’re happy – you feel good and that can’t be bad. So go on – make a decision today – choose happy!

And have a wonderful day.


©Siobhan Harper-Nunes 2011